Back to the Basics

We all have wellness routines.  We have rituals and habits we embrace to make life better.  If your routine is stressing you out, things need to change.

One word – simplify.

Wellness tends to be just another thing on an already jam-packed to-do list.  We all know that when that happens, the line between anxiety and constructive self-care become blurry.  So, to simplify, we need to consider other means of performing healthy living habits.

Instagram feeds about such topics as healthy meals, weekend workouts, and “quick fitness tips,” demonstrate the industry boom involving new fitness, food, and lifestyle options.  With industry growth comes a myriad of new and expanded products and trends.

The solution – return to basics.

We must ask ourselves what precisely is doable on a daily basis.  The proverbial treadmill is not all-encompassing as total fitness goes.  Nutrition and fitness have always been strong allies.

YG focuses on beauty.  We know that how you feel often is important to how you look.  In the beauty world, we are trying to pare down the skin care routines so our clients have more time to focus on fitness.  In a practical way, YG contributes ways in which you can reclaim your time.


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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