Why Do Men Choose YG Services?

The number of men wanting professional grooming and skincare advice is on the rise.

What can YG do to help?

For our male clients who want natural looking eyebrows we’d recommend the manual hair strokes simulation (Microblading). This technique involves implanting color in single one by one hair stroke line between existing eyebrow hairs to give a fuller and better-defined shape.

This treatment will help bring confidence back and create a natural looking eyebrow that doesn’t look like makeup. Men may choose to have this done gradually or, as some men prefer, in a single go.  The decision is always up to the client.

At YG, we make every attempt to treat each client as individuals, as unique characters with unique needs.  When it comes to men and salon treatments, the key is to create a male-friendly environment.  Make sure men don’t feel out of place.

At YG, we attempt to make our male clients feel at ease.  We know that most men prefer problem/solution conversations over mundane idle chatter or gossip.  We maintain male targeted magazines in our salon and male product promotional posters.

At YG, we are solution oriented.  Ladies come into the beauty salon asking for pampering and relaxation; Gentlemen, on the other hand, are more interested in solving an issue. Therefore, we change our language. Men don’t care about how products smell or feel on their skin. They want to know about what result our services are going to give them.

At YG, we give male clients good advice.  Men might pretend they don’t care about their skin, but they wouldn’t be in the salon if they didn’t. We make the most of their visits by suggesting what they should do for their skin when they get home. The more they think about their skin and notice the results of good care, the more likely they are of coming back to YG.


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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